Episode 54 - The Intersectionality Panel

At the Global Coffee Expo in Seattle, we had the opportunity to sit in on a truly inspirational panel called "Intersectionality, Building Influence, and Changing Power Structures" moderated by Michelle Johnson of The Chocolate Barista & Tracy Ging, co-founder of the Coffeewoman. The panel was focussed on gender, race, and inequality, and how to remove barriers and foster change within the coffee industry. On the next episode, we'll talk more with Michelle Johnson, so stay tuned!

Panel's Description

While topics of gender have accelerated in the past couple of years, those discussions have almost exclusively centered on white women. The lack of intersectionality hinders our ability to achieve true diversity and inclusion. The fact is, women of color and those who identify outside of the CIS-normative, experience a unique set of challenges that often go unheard. This panel aims to elevate those perspectives while discussing how to remove barriers, build influence, and foster the change needed for greater representation and a more collaborative, compassionate and creative approach within the coffee industry.