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A podcast for people who care about coffee. Hosted by Brian Beyke.

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    Episode 58 - Matt Perger

    We’re so excited to be joined on the episode by Matt Perger, founder of Barista Hustle and World Brewers Cup champion, talking all about approachability, coffee geekery, cafe vibes, keys to making better coffee at home, and the exciting new roadmap for Barista Hustle. Do NOT miss this episode!

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    Episode 57 - KRUVE

    Grind size remains one of the most challenging and inconsistently communicated aspects of coffee brewing. Despite having a consistent language to communicate temperature, water chemistry, brew ratios, etc. it's often frustrating to nail down a repeatable grind size and share that information with others. Today we're joined by Karol and Adam Krupa from KRUVE to talk about how their coffee sifter solves that problem, allowing every cup to taste its best. They explain how the KRUVE came to be, who it's best suited for, and some tips and tricks to getting the most out of it.

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    Episode 56 - SCA Product Recap

    We're wrapping up our series of interviews from this year's SCA Expo with four quick conversations with some of the top brands in specialty coffee for the home brewer. We're talking with Baratza about the Sette 30, Third Wave Water about some upcoming new formulations, Acaia about their Orion and scale updates, and Fellow about the STAGG Electric Kettle!

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    Episode 55 - Intersectionality Recap with Michelle Johnson

    We’re honored to have Michelle Johnson join us to recap the Intersectionality panel from Episode 54. Michelle is the Sprudgie award winning founder of The Chocolate Barista, creative marketing director at Barista Hustle, and a long-time friend of the show. Buckle up and take a listen!

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    Episode 54 - The Intersectionality Panel

    At the Global Coffee Expo in Seattle, we had the opportunity to sit in on a truly inspirational panel called "Intersectionality, Building Influence, and Changing Power Structures" moderated by Michelle Johnson of The Chocolate Barista & Tracy Ging, co-founder of the Coffeewoman. The panel was focussed on gender, race, and inequality, and how to remove barriers and foster change within the coffee industry. On the next episode, we'll talk more with Michelle Johnson, so stay tuned!

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    Episode 53 - Expo Interviews - The Cost of Coffee

    This past weekend we attended the Global Coffee Expo in Seattle where we were able to interview some amazing people in the specialty coffee industry. The first episode in a series of those interviews, we're talking about the cost of coffee with the producer of some of the worlds most expensive and prized coffees - Graciano Cruz, as well as a long-time veteran of the coffee industry in LA who recently started selling cups for just $1, Tonx.

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    Episode 52 - The Road to Brewers Cup

    In case you hadn't heard, one of our own, Mr. Brian Beyke, is has qualified to compete in this year's national Brewers Cup competitions in Seattle, WA. We're talking at length about his road leading up to the qualifiers as well as what he's doing to prepare for brewing on the big stage. Lots of goodies in this episode ... we hope you enjoy!

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    Episode 51 - Third Wave Water

    We’ve been talking about talking about water for a while, but we’re excited to start a discussion on the topic with Taylor Minor and Charles Nick of Third Wave Water. We talk about the importance of water for brewing, regional water preferences, and how their product can help equalize such an important factor like water.

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    Episode 50 - The Department of Brewology

    When it comes to combining coffee culture with great design, there’s no one working harder to fill the void than The Department of Brewology. We’re honored to welcome longtime friends of the show, David Salinas and Brett Cannon, to talk about how the company's inception, their current and past projects, and much much more. Listen along for a few juicy spoilers about what’s coming up next year!

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    Episode 49 - What's Hot for the Holidays?

    Visions of coffee dancing in your head this holiday season? We're back to talk about some great gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life. From blends to brewers, geishas to gift subscriptions, we're covering our favorite coffees and products to fit any budget.

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    Episode 48 - Home Espresso Basics with Steve Rhinehart

    We're happy to welcome Steve Rhinehart, brand lead for Prima Coffee, back to the show for a discussion about crafting the perfect pumpkin spice syrup and what you need to know to get started with making espresso at home.

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    Episode 47 - Sudden Coffee with Kalle Freese

    We're talking with Kalle Freese, two-time Finnish barista champion and CEO of Sudden Coffee, about the challenges of a booming instant coffee company and how they've managed to balance great coffee with convenience and approachability.

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    Episode 46 - Pop Up Coffee with Maxwell Mooney

    He's Baaaack! We're talking to our good friend Maxwell Mooney all about his new pop up coffee shop called Narrative Coffee in Everett, Washington. He spills the beans on what it took to set up shop and gives advice for anyone thinking about setting up a pop up of their own.

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    Episode 45 - Cold Coffee Revisited

    Do you enjoy beating the summer heat with a chilly coffee beverage? We're back one year later to revisit our discussion about cold coffee preparations and to cover some of the interesting developments since our last discussion.

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    Episode 44 - Answering Emails

    We're back with a whole episode where we answer your emails from the past few weeks about coffee storage, gear maintenance, our worst cafe experiences, and much more. We'd love to hear from you on these topics as well! Use #IBMOCtalk on social media or via email!

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    Episode 43 - The Fellow Family of Products

    We're talking with Jake Miller and Hanna McPhee from Fellow, the makers of the Duo Coffee Steeper and the Stagg Kettle, all about the challenges of Kickstarter, how they design and build beautiful coffee gear, and we even get a sneak peak into their upcoming lineup of products. Also, listeners can use the promo code IBREWSTAGG until the end of June to get 20% off a Stagg Kettle!

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    Episode 42 - Baratza Sette with Kyle Anderson

    With the launch of the revolutionary new Sette grinder in sight, we're honored to have Baratza's cofounder and mechanical genius Kyle Anderson join us on the show. This episode is packed with great information about Baratza's history, their current lineup, the unique technology and features of the Sette grinder, and some startling revelations about Baratza's plans for the Sette and future roadmap near the end.

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    Episode 41 - Coffee Science with Maxwell Mooney

    On this episode we've bellied up to the slow bar for a rapid-fire chat about the science of coffee with Maxwell Mooney from Spotted Cow Coffee in Mill Creek, WA. We're getting back to brass tacks about the nerdier points of extraction, ratios, batch sizes, roast levels, agitation, water temperature and much, much more.

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    Episode 40 - Sourcing and Seasonality with Blueprint Coffee

    How do coffee shops source green coffee? What does it mean that coffee is a seasonal product? Is there really such a thing as a good decaf coffee? We're honored to be joined on this episode by Mike Marquard and Evan Jones of Blueprint Coffee in Saint Louis, Missouri to answer these questions and many, many more.

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    Episode 39 - Surprises in Coffee

    There sure have been some intriguing developments in coffee so far this year! On this episode we're sharing our lists of some notable surprises in coffee as well as giving a sneak peak about some of the exciting episodes and guests we've got lined up for the coming weeks.

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    Episode 38 - Dialing In A Coffee

    Digging into the mailbag this week to answer a common question we get asked, "When you get a coffee in, how do you dial it in?" We cover what we're looking at when getting into a coffee and how we adjust different parameters to get the most out of a cup. Got a tip you enjoy? Be sure to reach out to us and share your experiences!

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    Episode 37 - Pour Over Brewing

    Hot on the heels of our AeroPress episode, this week we're focussing on three of the most popular pour over brew methods. That's right, we're talking about the Chemex, Kalita Wave and the Hario V60. We cover what makes each of these methods unique, what challenges one might face in getting started in pour over brewing, and also how we 'dial in' a pour over brew.

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    Episode 36 - The AeroPress

    On this episode we're talking all about the AeroPress - a brew method created by Alan Adler, president of Aerobie, in 2005. Though brewing with the AeroPress can be quite simple, there are many features that make it a prime candidate for experimentation. Listen along as we discuss the fundamentals of brewing on the AeroPress, what's great (and maybe not so great) about it, and some fun ways to tinker with it at home.

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    Episode 35 - I Brew My Own Coffee Recommends

    We're excited to announce a new feature of the I Brew My Own Coffee website called 'Recommends'. Starting today, you can head over to http://ibrewmyowncoffee.com/recommends and sign up to receive monthly personalized coffee recommendations directly from us via email for free. Just tell us how you enjoy your coffee and we'll send you information about some beans we think you'd be into.

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    Episode 34 - The Places We Brew with Megan O'Connell and Bethany Hargrove

    You have camping stoves in your truck bed, you have GORE-TEX® on your shoes. You can catch the aroma any direction you brew. You're on your own, and you know what you know, and these are the girls who's site is in the show notes. Today, we are pleased to welcome Megan O'Connell and Bethany Hargrove from theplaceswebrew.tumblr.com. While both working IN specialty coffee, they embrace the opportunity to disregard formalities for the simple ritual of brewing coffee. We talk about brewing outdoors, while traveling, some do's and don'ts, and some tips if you plan to do the same.

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    Episode 33 - Competition Coffee with Jess Steffy

    With the US Coffee Championships Qualifying Event starting February 2nd, we're honored to welcome Jess Steffy to the podcast to talk about coffee competitions and the important role they serve. Jess is the co-owner of Square One Coffee, a certified Q Grader, chair of the US Coffee Championships Competitions Committee and head judge for the Barista Competition and Brewer's Cup. We talked with her about the format of the events, what makes for a winning routine, and what the home brewer can learn from the competition.

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    Episode 32 - From the Farm with Wilford Lamastus

    From the farms of Elida Estates and El Burro Estates in Panama, we're excited to welcome Wilford Lamastus, a fourth generation coffee producer responsible for some of the world's best coffee. We're talking about the history of the Lamastus Family Farms, the challenge that coffee producing countries face, and spilling the beans on the Geisha varietal's impact on the livelihood of coffee farmers in Panama and worldwide.

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    Episode 31 - 2015 in Review

    Happy New Year! On this episode we’re talking about our experience with coffee regions, coffee roasters, and coffee resolutions from 2015. While we both have our own take on what happened this past year, we’d love to hear from you! What were your favorite coffees of the year? Did you have any big surprises or expectations in 2015? Do you have any goals with coffee in 2016? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter, or by email.

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    Episode 30 - Ratio Eight

    We're delighted to have Mark Hellweg - Portland based entrepreneur and designer responsible for Clive Coffee and the stunning Ratio Eight Coffee Maker - on the podcast this week! We discussed Mark's story, the roles of both form and function in design, design challenges in bringing the Ratio to market, as well as some exciting upcoming projects in the works.

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    Episode 29 - Sharing Coffee

    Coffee is meant to be shared ... that's why we're talking about a few of our favorite options for sharing coffee. Whether you're splitting a bag of coffee with a friend, swapping coffee with someone across the world, or even sending coffee to friends and loved ones as gifts, we've got some helpful advice and suggestions for you!

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    Episode 28 - Social Media with Jenn Chen

    We're very excited to welcome the wonderful Jenn Chen to the show to chat about coffee and social media. Jenn is a freelance coffee marketer, the digital marketing manager for acaia, as well as a talented photographer, writer, and donut connoisseur.

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    Episode 27 - It's Not Just Coffee - The Wrap-Up

    As we bring our series of discussions about developing a balanced relationship with coffee to a conclusion, we talk in more detail about how beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals compare, contrast, and interrelate with each other. It's not just coffee ... it's also about how you approach it and make space for it alongside the rest of your life.

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    Episode 26 - It's Not Just Coffee for the Professional

    We're honored to be joined on this episode by the owner of Ruby Coffee Roasters, Jared Linzmeier, as we continue our series of discussions about developing a balanced relationship with coffee whether you're a beginner, enthusiast, or coffee professional. It's not just coffee ... it's also about how you approach it and make space for it alongside the rest of your life. In this episode, we discuss the challenges professionals face and some practical ways to find balance.

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    Episode 25 - It's Not Just Coffee for the Enthusiast

    We're continuing our series of discussions about developing a balanced relationship with coffee whether you're a beginner, enthusiast, or coffee professional. It's not just coffee ... it's also about how you approach it and make space for it alongside the rest of your life. In this episode, we discuss the challenges coffee enthusiasts face and some practical ways we can find balance.

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    Episode 24 - It's Not Just Coffee for the Beginner

    We're beginning a series of discussions about developing a balanced relationship with coffee whether you're a beginner, enthusiast, or coffee professional. It's not just coffee ... it's also about how you approach it and make space for it alongside the rest of your life. In this episode, we discuss the beginner. Beginners can find balance by focussing on keeping coffee simple and mindfully creating time to develop a coffee routine.

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    Episode 23 - Describing Coffee with Seth Mills

    On this episode we're joined by Seth Mills, director of coffee at Mistobox Coffee, as we discuss tasting and describing coffee. Whether you're a roaster, a coffee enthusiast, or you're new to coffee, we'll cover some practical tips that will help you refine your flavor note vocabulary and even help explain what factors impact a coffee's taste to begin with.

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    Episode 22 - Populace Coffee Projects with Andrew Heppner

    On this week's episode we're joined by Andrew Heppner, CEO of Populace Coffee in Bay City Michigan, who has some exciting new projects to discuss (as well as a few great coffees). We're discussing their upcoming project called Habitual, a coffee brewing guide that sets out to explore the behavior behind brewing coffee, the devices used, and the environments in which the brewing takes place. Andrew also fills us in on some preliminary details of Populace's exciting coffee tasting competition called Flight of Fancy.

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    Episode 21 - Manual Brewing with Steve Rhinehart - Part 2

    We're pleased to have Steve Rhinehart, the brand lead for Prima Coffee, back again this week in Part 2 of our discussion about getting started with manual brewing. We're talking about grinders, scales, kettles and other devices you might want to pick up, at varying price points, to get started in manual brewing at home.

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    Episode 20 - Manual Brewing with Steve Rhinehart - Part 1

    We're pleased to have Steve Rhinehart, the brand lead for Prima Coffee, joining us on the show to talk about getting started with manual brewing. We begin this 2-part series by covering some of our favorite recommended manual brewing devices to folks getting started. Next week we'll continue the discussion with Steve talking about the variety of other products at varying price points someone might need in addition to a brewing device.

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    Episode 19 - Cold Coffee

    Everybody's talking about cold coffee, so we are too! This week is all about the variety of ways to make cold coffee at home, options for purchasing cold coffee in the grocery store, as well as some interesting concoctions you can play around with yourself. What's your favorite way to enjoy cold coffee?

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    Episode 18 - Coffee Subscriptions

    This week on the podcast we discuss a few of the top subscription coffee services and which ones might be best for you. We'd also love to hear from you! Use the hashtag #ibmoctalk and let us know on Instagram or Twitter what your favorite service is, or what you look for when signing up with a subscription coffee service.

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    Episode 17 - Office Coffee

    We're excited to announce that Brian Beyke and Bryan Schiele are taking over as hosts of the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast! We'd also like to say how much we appreciate all the great work and love that Alex Carpenter put into building this amazing platform. Thanks Alex!

    This week we're talking about brewing coffee at the office, and some of the devices and techniques we've had success with. We also talk about a couple of interesting coffees from HoneyCo and Tweed Coffee Roasters.

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    Episode 16 - Jarrod Glasgow

    Jarrod Glasgow is one part of the team behind the popular iPhone app called Aeropress Timer App. In this weeks episode we talk with him about building the app and his passion for the Aeropress and coffee.

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    Episode 15 - Brandon Warman

    This week we talk with Brandon Warman. One of the guys behind the highly successful Kickstarter project Handground Coffee Grinder. Raising just over three hundred thousand dollars, we talk about the crowd sourced idea behind the grinder.

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    Episode 14 - Steve Agocs

    This week we talk with the man behind KCCoffeeGeek.com Steve Agocs. We talk about getting into coffee and how it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg and we also talk about altitudes effect on coffees.

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    Episode 13 - Seth Mills

    This week we chat with the Director of Coffee for Mistobox.com Seth Mills. We talk about how he sources coffee and finds roasters for their popular coffee subscription service. We also talk about how Mistobox Coffee started as a college project that went on to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign to then airing on the popular TV show Shark Tank and receiving funding from non other than Mark Cuban.

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    Episode 12 - Chase Reeves

    In the twelfth episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee Podcast we chat with Chase Reeves, one of the gentlemen behind fizzle.co. Chase reached out to us on twitter and wanted to join us to chat about his mutual love for coffee and we couldn't pass that up. In this episode we talk about his love for coffee and where that all started.

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    Episode 11 - Bryan Shiele (Part 2)

    In the eleventh episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee Podcast we chat with Bryan Schiele. In part 2 of this interview Bryan shares his personal coffee indexing system he created and talks about the reasoning for roasting his own coffee.

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    Episode 10 - Bryan Schiele (Part 1)

    In the tenth episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee Podcast we chat with Bryan Schiele. Probably most notable for his colorful coffee photography on Instagram, we chat about how he got started working as a barista at Starbucks then moving into a software development job and how brewing coffee at home has become a hobby for him.

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    Episode 9 - Monarch Methods

    In the ninth episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast, we chat with Chris Chekan of Monarch Methods. The man behind one of the most beautifully hand made coffee kettles. We chat about how he got started and the reasons behind starting Monarch Methods to create well thought, quality coffee products.

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    Episode 8 - A Film About Coffee

    In the eighth episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast, Stacey and I talk about our thoughts on A Film About Coffee. A great in depth look into the story behind coffee, from the farm to the consumer.

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    Episode 7 - Justin Jackson

    In the seventh episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast, we chat with our good friend Justin Jackson. Justin is just getting into brewing coffee at home and we cover a lot of high level topics in this episode to help him start brewing better coffee. If you are new to coffee this will be a good episode to turn into.

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    Episode 6 - Brian Beyke

    In the sixth episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast, we chat with Brian Beyke of abandoncoffee.com. Brian is super passionate about coffee and reviews all the coffees he drinks on his website to help others find great tasting coffee.

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    Episode 5 - Jesse Carmody

    In the fifth episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast, we chat with LA based photographer Jesse Carmody about how he got into coffee, why it is important to use a scale, the difference between iced coffee and cold brew coffee and starting his own cold brew company Pump Cold Brew.

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    Episode 3 - Rex Tseng

    In the third episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast, Rex Tseng, the co-founder & president of Acaia Coffee joins us to talk about his experiences designing programing and building the Acaia Peal Coffee Scale.

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    Episode 2 - Chad Morton

    In the second episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast, Chad Morton joins us to talk about his experiences starting a coffee company, the importance of creating relationships with his farmers, the difference between direct trade and fair trade and building a business around sustainability.

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    Episode 1 - Introductions

    In this first episode of the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast, host Alex Carpenter and co-author of the book Stacey Carpenter take some time to introduce themselves and share a some of the ideas behind what they hope to accomplish with the book and what else you can expect.

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