Episode 33 - Competition Coffee with Jess Steffy

With the US Coffee Championships Qualifying Event starting February 2nd, we're honored to welcome Jess Steffy to the podcast to talk about coffee competitions and the important role they serve. Jess is the co-owner of Square One Coffee, a certified Q Grader, chair of the US Coffee Championships Competitions Committee and head judge for the Barista Competition and Brewer's Cup. We talked with her about the format of the events, what makes for a winning routine, and what the home brewer can learn from the competition.

What We're Drinking


About Jess Steffy:

  • Co-Owner of Square One Coffee in Lancaster, PA
  • Certified Q Grader
  • Chair of the USCC Competitions Committee
  • Head judge of the US Barista and Brewers Cup competitions (and more)
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